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Navy Point Academy

Based at the Port Credit Harbour Marina in Mississauga, our sailing school academy fulfills its mission by focusing students on 4 core sailing competencies:

1. Online Knowledge Learning

2. On-The-Water Practical Training

3. Experience & Resume Building

​4. Certification & Licensing (Verified              Competence by International Standards)

Port Credit Harbour Marina, Mississauga

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Our Courses

Introduction to Sailing Lesson

This course is intended to provide the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing. No previous boating experience is required. Our certified Sail Canada instructors will show you the ropes and ensure a safe and fun sail. We teach this course in small groups on a sporty Viko 26 keelboat.  

Cost: $295

Basic Cruising Standard

NauticEd - Small Keelboat

This course is taught aboard a sporty 2020 Viko 26 keelboat with small class sizes to ensure you get as much time on the helm as possible. We combine our on-the-water training along with the NauticEd knowledge online to provide you with the most comprehensive training available.

Cost: $1000

$500 discount if you join our


fractional sailing program


 If you have ever dreamed of sailing the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, keelboat sailing is the first step to get you there. We can teach you to sail even if you have never stepped aboard a boat. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to sail safely and efficiently in moderate winds and sea conditions. Successful students will be awarded the Sail Canada "Basic Cruising Standard" along with the  NauticEd Skipper Small Keelboat Rank.

Intermediate Cruising Standard

NauticEd - Large Keelboat

Students will participate in operation of the vessel as crew and as skipper in a live-aboard format. The vessel will be operated under sail and power while making daytime passages. The ability to act as skipper and crew in operation of a sailing vessel by day in unfamiliar waters will be developed, while building the skills and experience needed for live-aboard cruises and bareboat charter.

Cost: $1500

$500 discount if you join our


fractional sailing program


Our training boats include a very well-equipped late model three cabin Jeanneau 349 or a Viko S35. We utilize the NauticEd 21st standards for training both theory knowledge and practical skills. Upon successfully passing the online knowledge and practical assessment, you will earn the NauticEd Skipper Large Keelboat Rank along with Sail Canada "Intermediate Cruising Standard."

Bareboat Charter Master

NauticEd - Sailing License and Credentials - SLC

Gain the knowledge, training, experience, proper certification, and licensure for multiday and near costal sailing adventures. A Bareboat Charter Master is someone who knows their stuff inside out. Our Bareboat Charter Master sailing certification requires meaningful experience, comprehensive online course work, on-the water training and a demonstration of you practical sailing skills.

Cost: $2000

$500 discount if you join our


fractional sailing program


The International Sailing Licence and credentials (SLC) is recognized by worldwide port authorities and yacht charter companies as the North American equivalent to the United Nations ICC sailing license. Requirements include the Bareboat Charter Master and a practical assessment of competence.

Maritime Radio

Restricted Operator Certificate

 The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures and everyday operating techniques that will ensure you have the knowledge to secure your lifeline. This complete package will prepare you for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) with the DSC Endorsement exam included as part of this course. To operate a maritime radio, you need the certificate. It’s the law! This course is taught privately on-line and includes your study guide.

Cost: $200

Private Instruction

We can tailor the instruction for your specific needs, individuals, couples, families or small groups on our boats or yours. Need help docking, sail trim, anchoring and more we are here for you.

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Learning To Sail

On-The-Water Training

Sailing courses and private instruction from Navy Point lead to so much more than a certification. Our professional, certified instructors are focused on helping you achieve your personal goals and teaching in a safe, controlled training environment that allows you to be hands-on with challenging sailing situations.

Instructors continually assess your strengths, focusing your training to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to be a safe and skilled skipper or crew.

The value of your instructor's oversight is immeasurable. With years of experience, professional training, and a passion to guide your development, Navy Point's experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Experience | Free Online Logbook & Resume

Online Multimedia Theory Courses

Learning the theory and technical knowledge of sailing has never been easier - or this fun - until now. NauticEd's real-time library of state-of-the-art coursework is available with just one click of a button, making your sailing goals attainable and achievable. Learn in the comfort of your own home with cutting edge technology for simple and easy access to learn theory and knowledge at your own pace.

Courses are cross-platform, multimedia, interactive, real-time, mobile friendly, continuously updated, and - in one student's comment - 'downright addictive'. Theory knowledge courses include interactive simulations: much like pilots practice simulations before "taking off", sailors strengthen their knowledge before "casting off".

Retake the tests as often as needed. Our goal isn't pass/fail, but focusing your education where it benefits you the most.

Every charter operator requires a properly formatted sailing resume that confirms your sailing experience (believe us, we've asked them). NauticEd offers a free, globally recognized logbook and resume building tool to track your on-the-water experience in one convenient virtual location.

With a few simple steps, you can track your on-the-water experience, add crew-mate authentification, and watch your resume grow to qualify for chartering sailing yachts worldwide.

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